Add To Cart Pro

Create beautiful snappy add to cart buttons anywhere on your website! Leveraging ajax makes for a smooth user experience with no redirect!

WooCommerce Net Profit Business Bundle

Bundle Net Profit and Cost of Goods plugins to save over 75% on Cost of Goods!
Coupon vector image with pretty coupon labeled within, and The Rite Sites logo

Pretty Coupons for WooCommerce

Gracefully display interactive pictures or gifs all across your site as coupons to draw customer's eyes and drive more sales!
Customer Reporting icon showing guest, new, and returning customer icons

Customer Reporting for WooCommerce

Get useful customer reports and track spending habits of different types of customers!
Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Plugin Icon

TRS Cost of Goods for WooCommerce

Associate cost of goods to your WooCommerce Products!
Net Profit Icon showing cost of goods and cost of shipping integration icons

WooCommerce Net Profit

Calculate your true Net Profit and have advanced reporting in WooCommerce!
WooCommerce Cost of Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce Cost of Shipping

Explore more of your business's true operating costs with this FREE plugin to track your cost of shipping!

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