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Why use the Pro over the Free?

Free version refers to Enhanced AJAX Add to Cart for WooCommerce, found on

Single Button Shortcode
Single Button Block
Filter with product id to add custom content
Savable as reusable block for global forms
Group Button Block
Customizable Text Block Element
Product Short Description Block Element
Product Featured Image Block Element
Video featured quick form building
Technical Support

What's new in Enhanced AJAX Add to Cart?

Introduction to the blocks

The biggest and most important update for us in the 2.0 upgrade was transitioning the old shortcode to a block. Do not worry, fearless shortcoders! The shortcode will continue to work! Not only was this important because the whole editing experience had changed since we released the plugin, but because this has the opportunity to make embedding these buttons into content a much more pleasurable experience. Read more about how we feel about shortcodes here.

Knowing the flexibility of the shortcode (or lack thereof), we aimed at making an easy to use, highly customizable, and quality result product. With the free version, found on, you gain access to the "AJAX Add to Cart Block" to display a single product and a single add to cart button.
With the Premium version, you gain access to the "Group AJAX Add to Cart Block" -- which is as it sounds! The block will be a group of products (selected by an administrator or editor) that will display the same elements in the same order. All product/button rows chosen in this "Group" block will be wrapped in a parent div as well for ease of styling.

Image showing the available blocks in the block editor with Enhanced AJAX Add to cart active. Blocks listed: "Group AJAX Add to Cart Block" and "AJAX Add to Cart Block"

Increased Customization

While the thoughts of usability for the plugin move forward, we noticed a gap in the current blocks that allowed for displaying products. With so many already applied styles and loaded style sheets, our goal to give a minimum html element needed, non-PITA styling that won't get in your way.

All elements can be re-ordered in the block view, and they can also be toggled as enabled or disabled to conditionally render the html as needed. Each element has additional controls, if applicable.

Image showing usable elements on Group AJAX Add to Cart Buttons. Enabled elements shown: Title, Image, Short Description, Price, Quantity, Button. In the final positions, and disabled element: custom and separator.

Effortless Product Selection

Following closely with WooCommerces model of product selection in blocks, we still needed a way to choose variable products in a specific way. You will now be able to scroll through or search your stores product list! This is quite the change from having to manually input the product and variation IDs.

Products are able to be toggled on or off the block by clicking within the product row. If using the Group block, the radio buttons turn into check boxes, for a multi checkbox selection experience. We think you will find the new experience much more relaxing to manage.

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Additional Information

Is Enhanced AJAX Add to Cart compatible with WooCommerce version 4.9??

Yes! Not only that, but it is tested up to date with WordPress 5.6!


Do I need the free and the premium version?

NO! While there is little harm, it would be best practice to deactivate and uninstall the free version of the plugin if you were to get the premium version.

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