Boost Sales with a Non-Redirected “AJAX” Add to Cart Button for WooCommerce Sites

E-commerce is incredibly competitive!

It's important to grab your customer's attention and give them a frictionless experience with your brand in order to build brand loyalty and to keep them coming back.


Improve your website's user experience!

You don't need extravagant video backgrounds or fancy menus... it's all about efficiency and functionality!

A Good User Experience (UX) = More Sales and More Revenue

If your customers browsing your online store have to contantly wait for webpages to load, they'll buy less than they would have normally. Or wose: get frustrated and abandon their carts entirely. (People have short attention spans.) This is especially true on mobile! Simplify the checkout process to improve conversion rates.

More page redirects = more frustration = abandoned carts

Plus, Google cares about the user experience on the websites they send people to. Their reputation as a search engine is on the line, so the Google algorithm will reward websites that have better user experiences by giving them more screen-time.

Better user experience = higher results on Google Search

The Limits of WooCommerce Shortcode

WooCommerce provides great tools for businesses to bring their sales online. But, every business is unique and needs customized solutions.

WooCommerce has released a great range of different blocks as part of the Block Editor, but there is still significant functionality missing. The current blocks that are available lack a way of selecting only one, or a subset of variable product children (such as multiple colors and sizes of a product). Shortcodes help bridge this gap.

Using shortcodes, store owners and developers are able to build front end pages with just the [shortcode_name] in the text editor. While greatly expanding what non-coding website administrators can accomplish, shortcodes are far from perfect and are not fun to implement.

Bottom line: website administrators and authors shouldn't be spending countless hours learning and implementing shortcodes for their website.

The Solution: Optimize Your "Add to Cart" Button

An AJAX Add to Cart Button will allow customers to add items to their carts without being redirected to a new webpage each time. That put less strain on your website and servers, reduces page load times, and encourages customers to spend more time shopping!

Optimizing your E-commerce website will increase:

  • Revenue
  • Customer Retention
  • Conversion rates

The best part? An AJAX Add to Cart plugin makes your life as owner/administrator easier, too.

No more shortcode editing - just simple, easy to implement blocks; and you can fully customize how your enhanced AJAX Add to Cart buttons are displayed on your front-end.

The Rite Sites Plugins help fill in the gaps for businesses on WooCommerce that want to give users a quicker, less frustrating experience. Check out these other WooCommerce plugins.

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