Customer Reporting icon showing guest, new, and returning customer icons

Customer Reporting for WooCommerce

Customer Reporting for WooCommerce

Track your profitability on each customer type to help fine tune your own website!

Finding the spending habits of your customers just got a whole lot easier! Extending the WooCommerce reports, Customer Reporting introduces new and improved profit analysis tools, helping you make decisions on how to market to your customers.

Compare and contrast how your new customers and your return customers differ, and if you allow guests, throw them in the mix too! Get new powerful reports in your WordPress admin dashboard today!

Customer Reporting icon showing guest, new, and returning customer icons

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Buy WooCommerce Net Profit and get an additional report in Custer Reporting!

Let your website start to do the heavy lifting

Get Customer Reporting for WooCommerce for enhanced customer insights today!

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License is for 12 months of support and updates

Additional Information

Is Customer Reporting for WooCommerce compatible with WooCommerce version 3.6?

Yes! Not only that, but it is tested up to date with WordPress 5.2!



Is this plugin Gutenberg ready?

Yes! Customer Reporting for WooCommerce, along with all of our other products are developed on the most up to date and pre-release WordPress and WooCommerce environments to ensure we are working with anything coming soon. We also take great care to study and help where we can with what the future of WordPress and WooCommerce hold!

What integrations are there?
  • Currently, Customer Reporting for WooCommerce is integrated with our plugin WooCommerce Net Profit to add in an additional report below the customer type report! Click on a day's bar data point to get that days order list with all the applicable net profit data!
Are there going to be other reports or integrations?

Yes! This is a constantly evolving plugin, and with your purchase of this plugin, you will get a year of updates and support! We are currently exploring new reports and export tools to help with remarketing campaigns!

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