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Net Profit Data Is Incomplete or Incorrect

So you have installed the plugin and the reports are appearing! Great first steps, but now the data does not seem quite right. Well, let’s dive in to some initial steps to ensure the data is being populated.

Cache Busting!

We follow closely to the WooCommerce standards in their reports, which is why our reports look closely related to theirs. We also follow some of the standards WooCommerce has set. This includes using Transients to help reduce time spent on getting data if the same report is pulled multiple times! This can appear to have some issues when data is changed in a report range in any way.

For this reason, we put a “Clear Cache” red button at the top of our reports. This will delete these transients and allow the data to be re-populated as if you pulled the data for the first time. This will clear all the WooCommerce Net Profit related transients, not just that report.

For more information, or a more detailed description of what these transients do or deleting them will do, view our other article here.

Cost of Goods data is not being populated

First, let’s cover how the data is being pulled in the first place. We do a dynamic loading of data to allow for some ease of use for our partners. At the time of pulling data from the database, we check to see what plugin is active. Currently, we check for the WooCommerce Cost of Goods (by SkyVerge) or our plugin, Cost of Goods for WooCommerce. Whichever is active, we pull that plugins variables from the database. In the case where no plugin is found to be active, we default to our plugins variable.

With this in mind, ensure the active plugin has Cost of Goods data by finding the data in the WooCommerce Order. As long as it is one of the above plugins, you should be able to see data. If you have recently switched to our plugin, you can use our migration tool to get the data in the correct location from the SkyVerge plugin, WooCommerce Cost of Goods. If you have recently switched from another plugin, or would like to continue to use another plugin for Cost of Goods (we totally understand!) we can talk about getting a custom solution to you, whether it is simple or complex will take some discussion! Reach out to us to get started.

If you are seeing the data in the WooCommerce Orders pages, and not in the reports, ensure the Cache is busted for our plugin by hitting the Red “Clear Cache” Button at the top of the report! Read more about that here.

Cost of Shipping data is not being populated

We are proud to say here that we are the only plugin that enables you to track Cost of Shipping AND report on that data in meaningful ways across the WooCommerce ecosystem! We offer a full suite of tools to help you make a more informed decision on Shipping Costs passed on to your customer, as Amazon has really changed the game in this area.

If the Cost of Shipping Data is showing in the WooCommerce Order, and not in the reports, first try Clearing the Cache, or more details here, or in an above section.

If the Cost of Shipping Data is NOT showing in the WooCommerce Order, there is a larger issue at hand. Find more applicable information to your stores solution here. If you are still having trouble, please make a ticket on or submit a ticket here on our website!

Data on the day or range is not appearing or is just wrong

First and foremost, Clearing the Cache (deleting the transients) would be our first bet. There is a known functionality that if you look at a report in the morning, then the same report at night, the data will still be the same as when you first checked it. We do this to ensure the fastest speeds for our partners if they continue to look at the same report range. If there are still issues…

Let us do some trouble shooting and if the issue persists, please contact us and we will help as soon as possible!

First, put the same date where you are noticing a discrepancy in a brand new range for a report. Is “This Week” giving an issue? Do a custom date range of the same days, starting or ending a day earlier or later.

Second, are you noticing this issue in other reports? Whether it’s the Net Profit Table report, or a WooCommerce Core Report, is that data not appearing there as well?

Third, could the report be misreporting refunds? Or non-standard order statuses? You can find more about how these reports are generated here.

The more information you supply us in the beginning, the faster we can help you and direct you to the correct assistant! Again, here is a link to our support form.

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