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Installation Consideration for Net Profit from “Limited” Historical Cost Data

For those of our customers that may not have been using our plugins ever, or just not for very long, there is another avenue you can take separate from tying in with the WooCommerce Analytics Import Historical Data feature discussed here. [Importing historical data into WooCommerce Analytics]

The method listed here will be applying cost data to every order in your database. This can be done in a number of different ways to limit what data you do or do not touch. Follow our guide here on that topic. [Applying Cost of Goods Data to Orders]

By utilizing the Cost of Goods import tool, this will trigger an update of all order cost data without having to re-import all your WooCommerce data, or to submit that many more queries. You will still be submitting somewhere between 1.25-1.95x the number of orders in your database requests with this method. The alternative, using the WooCommerce Analytics historical data import will do roughly 2x the number of orders + 1x number of customers requests to import all data.

This method is especially useful if you have recently started using our cost plugin on an existing database. This method will allow you to apply a current Cost of Goods value in your products to your Orders database. While this may not be the most optimal CoG value for an order in the past for various reasons, it can at least give some indication of how your store is doing over time.

Whatever you decide, many of the methods that involve updating a cost to an order will ultimately trigger the effected order’s cost data to be imported into the WooCommerce Analytics Net Profit report!

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