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Cost of Shipping with WooCommerce Services

WooCommerce Services is a huge plugin with many different aspects to it. One of the features we like and use a lot on different websites is the ability to purchase and print USPS shipping labels. This comes with some reports of it’s own, but is still very limited in our eyes.

Our plugin integrates well with WooCommerce Services, and when an order is marked complete, the Cost of Shipping will automatically be read into the order as order data if Shipping Labels are present. This will then show up in our reports in WooCommerce Net Profit reports.

While using the WooCommerce Cost of Shipping plugin, you will notice a new Meta Box appear in the WooCommerce Order screen. This meta box is dynamic and only appears if WooCommerce Services is currently activated. The data in the box is also dynamic according to if the Cost of Shipping is present in the order already or not.

If Cost of Shipping is not present in the order, there will be a button labeled “Import” that will attempt to find where a Cost of Shipping value is, and read it into the order to be reported.

If Cost of Shipping is present in the order, the button will read “Re-Import” and will attempt to update the data by finding the appropriate values in WooCommerce data. If this is attempted to be used and the value came from ShipStation, the re-import will fail, and possibly overwrite the Cost of Shipping. If this happens, you can see the history of Cost of Shipping data in the Order Notes area.

If there are issues with this process, please submit a support request!

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