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Cost of Shipping with ShipStation and WooCommerce

So you are already or planning on using ShipStation? Congratulations! You are using an amazing tool to help your business make informed decisions already. This article will cover some aspects of tracking your Cost of Shipping within WooCommerce while using the Shipstation integration plugin.

The Cost of Shipping integration with Shipstation is extremely automated and has no additional communication components with the Shipstation software. We decided to keep the plugin simple as not much data is needed to be passed or retrieved, and in fact, Shipstation supplies the data in the Order Shipped responses already. That leaves one less area for our plugin to break your website, or loose communication.

If you are to update the shipping options on Shipstation, and then the order is subsequently sent over to WooCommerce, then the order will automatically read in the new Cost of Shipping and write it into the order. On every update of the field, a new order note is generated to let you know when and how the Cost of Shipping was updated. The standard message while using Shipstation will be “Cost of Shipping was changed to $<insert value here> automatically by ShipStation.”

If you notice a Cost of Shipping not being sent over after being updated, ensure the Order is being sent to WooCommerce and your store connection is working using the ShipStation tools. You can find more about verifying and troubleshooting connections here at WooCommerce, or here at ShipStation.

If problems are still persisting, please reach out to us!

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