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Cost of Shipping is not importing but ShipStation is connected

While doing a store configuration, it is easy to have the main connection and tracking numbers pass over from ShipStation back to WooCommerce. The WooCommerce team did a good job with this plugin and we continue to use it for our preferred connecting solution. As we get in to more complex data, we need to ensure both your website and the ShipStation connection are 100% correct.

  1. Web Server and Website Configuration
  2. ShipStation Marketplace Configuration

In short, data is being sent and received in the body of requests. If there is a redirect on your server causing http to https (or reverse), the data will be wiped out. Ensure the protocols on ShipStation match the redirect-less url to get to your store.

Web Server and Website Configuration

If you are receiving Cost of Shipping data, chances are you are running an e-commerce store on this url. At this point, if you are running an e-commerce store, you absolutely must have HTTPS available. Google slashes your ranking, even if you aren’t taking payment, if you do not have SSL enforced, so, really, let us help you get on that.

Websites, web servers, and all software can be setup in a whole lot of different ways. To get your pages prioritizing HTTPS over HTTP can be a hurdle depending on your hosting configuration. It is hard for us to recommend any specific changes for you without further information, but the goal is to force all (at the very least admin) traffic to go directly to an HTTPS connection without any 301 or 302 redirects assuming someone goes to your HTTPS://(yoururlhere).com/wp-json/wc….

ShipStation Marketplace Configuration

When configuring the “Store or Marketplace” on ShipStation, a store authentication key was copied from WooCommerce and pasted into this ShipStation input box, along with an input box labeled “Store URL”. Some iterations of their software put as an example (Enter domain only, e.g. — this is poor, I would recommend the example say (Enter domain only with correct protocol, e.g.

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