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Upgrading to Net Profit 2.x

If you are new to our Net Profit plugin, check out our post here. [Limited Historical Cost Data Considerations]

WooCommerce Net Profit has been in deep development creating reports (link) to integrate into the new WooCommerce Analytics (link) area reporting tools. If you have been using any of our plugins and are upgrading from any 1.x versions, there are some items we should go over.

We have currently integrated with the “historical data import” feature of the WooCommerce Analytics Settings area. On import of data, you will see loading bars for Customers and Orders. After you activate the WC Net Profit plugin, every order imported to the new WC Admin experience will now have cost data associated. This includes the “historical data import”. This is accomplished via a cron task, tying in with the WooCommerce Core features, with a name of “wc-admin_import_costs”.

If you have previously imported your WooCommerce Historical Data into the Analytics area, you should uncheck the box to ensure all orders are updated. (image)

If you are on WooCommerce 6.7 this above feature (re:image) is currently broken. This is a reported issue in Core and is to be resolved.

For the advanced and curious: once your data is being imported, you can check the status of the cost data separately (due to an inability to display a custom loader in the core settings page, but ability to tie in to the import) you can view the progress via your browser’s Developer Tools network tab, watching the requests. The total number of Cost import tasks should be the same as the number of Orders to import. (image)

After data is populated, you should immediately be able to get live, snappy, core WC Analytics like reports under your new Analytics > Net Profit tab! With improved Advanced Filters available! (link)

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