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Creating a Pretty Coupon

Pretty Coupons is built in a way that any kind of coupons can be pretty coupons, even any other couponing plugin that still uses the WooCommerce Coupon interface. To define a coupon as a Pretty Coupon, first, go into the WooCommerce Coupon menu item and select either an existing coupon, or create a new coupon.
Then do the following:

  1. Select the “Select New Image” link.
  2. Continue selecting an image, or upload an image as you normally would in the media library. Click “Use this image” in the lower right corner when you are finished.
  3. Notice the “Use Pretty Coupons” checkbox should be selected now. This must be checked for the Pretty Coupon to display anywhere. Including when the shortcode is used.
  4. Decide where the coupon should be displayed. My Account as a new WooCommerce account tab, Cart Page, or the Checkout Page.
  5. Save the coupon and enjoy!
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