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Activating and accessing debug mode

So something went wrong, our bad! In some cases we might need a bit more info on what’s going on. We are building out tools in our plugins to help bridge the gap of not being on your system, but getting more detailed information and quick diagnostics. We utilize the WooCommerce logging system for this plugin, so we may ask you to turn on debugging mode in the plugin settings menu, and send us our plugin specific log file created under WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs.

Activating debug mode

  1. Log in to an administrator account for your store
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu towards the bottom of the admin menu
  3. Click “The Rite Plugin Settings”
  4. Click on the tab labeled “Net Profit Options”
  5. Scroll to top and select setting labeled “Enable debug mode?”
  6. Save!

Retrieve the debug log

In some cases, we will have logged critical issues to a log, but for efficiency, we do not have logging turned on at all. If you are having an issue, we need to catch the issue while its happening with debug mode turned on. Once you have turned on debug mode and recreated the issue, retrieve the log:

  1. Go to the “WooCommerce” menu
  2. Click “Status” in the WooCommerce menu
  3. Click on the tab labeled “Logs”
  4. In the dropdown on the right, select our log labeled “the-rite-sites-profit-plugin-YYYY-MM-DD-(many random characters.log”
  5. Click “View”

Note: Currently, the data printed from this tool is what function is being run in our code, the ids of products, and the costs associated with them. We do not print any other data and will keep this up to date as the plugin expands and more debug statements used.

If you have a point of contact who is asking for this information, please share this data with them at this point.

Also feel free to open a support ticket and attach this debug log with details of the issue and we will work with you to solve it!

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