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Migrating from another plugin

So you decided to take the plunge with The Rite Site’s Cost of Goods for WooCommerce, eh? Well look at you go, making great decisions already! We have created some tools to help you get data from other Cost of Goods plugins that are out there to help get you going quickly.

This is done in two steps:

  1. Migrate Product meta data from other plugin’s variables to ours.
  2. Apply Product Cost of Goods to all or a subset of orders.

Defining what Products to write another plugin’s data into

Here, there are currently two options, which give you a little bit more fine tuning with your migration depending on the state of your data.

  • All Products
  • Only Products with NO (or blank) data from this plugin

The first is as it seems, we will erase all data in our fields in preference of the plugin’s data you have chosen in the next section.

The second, “Only Products with NO (or blank) data from this plugin” takes into consideration and ignores any product that already has a cost of goods that is not blank. Examples:

By default, our plugin stores product data in the meta key ‘_cog_wc_product_cost’.

  • If the meta value returned on that lookup is a number, we will not overwrite this value.
  • If the meta value returned is a character or string, like ‘c’ or ‘cat’, we will overwrite this value
  • If the meta value returned is a blank, as in never been filled out, or intentionally blank like ” (no space no character no number), we will overwrite this value
  • If the meta value returned is a 0 in any shape or form (‘0’, 0.0, ‘0.0’, 0, etc) we will not overwrite this value

Migrating from SkyVerge’s WooCommerce Cost of Goods

If you have been using the WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin from the WooCommerce repository, good news! We work with this plugin a lot and have created a tool to bring the product cost data into our own variables. Follow the instructions below to get your store fully migrated!

  1. Log in to an administrator account for your store
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu towards the bottom of the admin menu
  3. Click “The Rite Plugin Settings”
  4. Click on the tab labeled “Cost of Goods Options”
  5. Find the line labeled “Migrate COGs from another plugin”
  6. Choose which set of Products you would like to select from the section above
  7. Select “WooCommerce Cost of Goods (SkyVerge)”
  8. Click “Migrate Costs”
  9. An alert/popup will appear showing how many products will be affected (this should be all products). Click “ok” if you would like to continue, “cancel” otherwise

Now, you should see a blue progress bar that will ensure you that something is happening. Once this is complete, the bar should turn green, with a message next to the Migrate Costs button stating how many products had their meta data changed. ** You should check a couple products to ensure the costs have been migrated at this point **

To get this new Cost of Goods data applied to orders, please follow the instructions found in “Applying Cost of Goods data to Orders

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